About the Above v3 Pegs

The Above V3 pegs are a natural evolution of the proven Above design. The low-friction nylon bushing works seamlessly with the steel core to create a strong, lightweight, and efficient sanding system that prevents snagging, wax, or replacement metal parts.

Cheap nylon sleeves can be discarded after they are worn out and replaced with a new one at a fraction of the cost of new pegs. The peg is slightly shorter than the regular pegs so it has the same width as the 5,5 "deck in combination with the Above fork and the special peg spacer that is included.

This allows the pegs to align with the dimensions of the deck on the front axle, giving the impression of an extended deck and providing greater stability when grinding. The modular design allows the pegs to adapt to the increasingly complex and varied shapes of forks and decks.

Specially designed components ensure that the pegs fit the Above product range, while the more general shapes fit the rest of the market. Utilizing the internal flexibility of nylon, the peg acts as a spring back washer when compressed, keeping the axle firmer and in place for longer while maintaining the force needed to operate.

April 28, 2022 — Marketing Assistant