Introducing the all new Antics Eclipse lineup. rigorously tested by their team of riders the Eclipse lineup is proven to be a great fit for an extensive range of riders, seasoned veterans and newcomers to the scooter scene. This collection features a full line up of parts and a complete at an affordable cost.

Eclipse Complete

This range of completes will be available in four different colourways:

  • Matte Black

  • Blue & Matte Black

  • Sand & Matte Black

  • Oil Slick & Matte Black

The Eclipse complete range features a variety of components that allow it to stand out from the bunch, and cements itself as the ideal entry complete scooter boasting a solid ride, right out of the box.

Starting from the top, the Eclipse complete offers Antics aluminum bars at a size of 24” high and 23” wide, kitted with Antics Swirl Grips and Nylon bar ends.

Moving downwards this complete also offers the brand new Antics Eclipse deck. Toting a width of 5” and a length of 20.5”, this aluminum deck is the perfect balance of lightweight and comfort. The bottom of the deck features a brand new Eclipse graphic, sure to turn heads, and a similarly beautiful-matching griptape design atop the deck.

Component wise, The Eclipse complete brings a brand new light Aluminum Eclipse fork, and Eclipse 4-bolt SCS compression system, The industry standard in high-end complete scooters. In between the two, the Eclipse complete also has an Antics integrated headset.

New to this release, the Eclipse complete is kitted with Antics Hollow Core wheels which are 120x24mm in size. A larger wheel allows riders to roll faster and a larger contact surface area provides a better balance point for manual type tricks, but the hollow core design keeps the larger wheels lightweight for whatever the next crazy combo riders want to tackle may be. With the industry and riders moving towards larger wheels we thought it was necessary to future-proof the eclipse.

Introducing the Antics Eclipse Deck. their flagship release this drop, The Eclipse Deck checks all the boxes our team riders were looking for in a deck. Featuring a length of 20.5" and a width of 5.0", the Eclipse deck is light in weight, while still large enough to retain a solid foot space to stomp your next trick.

Made using a high quality 6061-T6 Aluminum, The Eclipse deck features a profile that is tried and true, a reliable extrusion, with a simple head tube, providing the rider with a familiar feel that is lightweight, without the sacrifice of strength.

To cut down on any possible extra weight, the Eclipse features a head tube cut-out, perfect for showing off a clean fork-design. Approaching the rear of the deck, the Eclipse utilises high quality nylon drop-out plugs, which are sleek, and lightweight and a fender style flex brake.

The Eclipse Deck is available in four awesome colorways, all of which include a tailored to the colorway bottom graphic:

  • Matte Black

  • Sand

  • Blue

  • Lime Green

Eclipse Fork

Introducing the Antics Eclipse Fork. Made from high quality 6061-T6 aluminum, the Eclipse Fork is the perfect fork for any rider. Compatible with both SCS and HIC, the Eclipse fork is compatible with wheels up to 120mm.
Strong and lightweight
, the Eclipse fork is sure to fit perfectly on your next build, with a clean matte black finish, and subtle Antics head tube graphic, the Eclipse fork is the perfect steer tube component.


- 6061 T-6 Aluminum

- Full CNC machined

- 6mm M8 Compression bolt

- CNC M8 top cap washer

- Fits up to 120x24mm wheels


Eclipse Scs

Introducing the Antics Eclipse SCS. Made with high quality 6061-T6 Aluminum, The Eclipse SCS is the perfect option for any rider looking to upgrade their compression game. Tried and True, the SCS compression system is a favorite among scooter riders everywhere.

The Eclipse SCS features a subtle eclipse design on the front of the clamp, and a matte black finish. Utilizing 6mm M8 clamp bolts and compression bolts, The eclipse SCS is strong and with the included shim, compatible with both Standard (31.8mm) and Oversized (34.9mm) bars.

  • SCS compression system

  • 6061-T6 Aluminum

  • 6mm M8 clamp bolts

  • 6mm M8 compression bolt

  • compatible with both Standard (31.8mm) and Oversized (34.9mm) bars

  • Includes shim

Antics first stand alone scooter bars, The Antics eclipse bars come in at a size of 24” Tall by 23” wide.

Their goal was to make long lasting bars, that would also be easy to maneuver, The eclipse bars are aluminum making them superlightweight, while still retaining a strongdurabilityas they are made using a dense aluminum. The Eclipse bars feature gussets, welded along the crossbar to improve strength, while adding little to no weight.

The Eclipse bars arrive in a matte black finish, with a subtle Antics Splatter graphic near the bottom of the bars, simple and clean.

The Eclipse bars arrive with a pre-cut slit, compatible withHIC,or SCS compressionif the HIC slit is removed.

After years of gained experience from North, our team is excited to announce our next project, Antics.

With Antics we wanted to do our part in promoting individuality and active living through scootering, as well as create a brand that focused on the next generation of riders. Whether it be someone getting their first scooter or a local shredder who is ready to take his riding to the next level, we plan on providing opportunities to an inclusive selection of athletes across the globe regardless of their skill level. Antics is also directly involved in the scooter community therefore we are dedicated to giving back by supporting upcoming riders, partnering with local communities to host events and doing our part to bring exposure and fun to the developing scooter community. By assembling a team of exciting athletes, we can give the next generation something to look up to and help motivate them to accomplish their goals.

Our team continues to enjoy creating within the scooter community and could not be more excited to do our part in keeping the energy of the scootering alive, motivating kids to ride and be excited to go outside, all while learning new tricks and hanging with their friends. As at the end of the day that is what scootering is all about.

Our creative team is a perfect mix of professional management and riders who know the industry better than anyone. We focus on constant improvement and working together as a whole to make nearly every decision. If you're seeing anything Antics, it's done by one of these amazing people.


August 22, 2022 — Marketing Assistant