Aztek Pre-book is NOW LIVE! This includes Lots of New product like the Corsa complete and 7 wide Europa decks! we will also have a restock on previously released Aztek Product! You don't want to miss this opportunity to Stock some of the most balanced parts in the Industry!

( Product arrival date : July 14th - August 15th)

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Michael Hohmann Signature Lucid 2 Deck

Mike loves the Lucid 2 deck, but he said he'd love it even more if he had one in 6.25" wide, so Aztek decided to make him this. This deck has a beautiful baby blue paint job, and a killer graphic by Olivia Monks. Includes all the same great features as the Lucid 2 deck, such as welded dropouts, deep-dish concave, and a thin, responsive feel.


  • 6.25 x 22 or 23

  • Solid Welded Aluminum Dropouts

  • Smooth Gloss Paint

  • Bi-rectional Grinding Surface

  • 84° HTA

Corsa Complete

The Corsa Complete is Atek’s new premium park scooter. It weighs a mind-boggling 6.2 pounds, and features a new balanced and lightweight deck, forged Circa 2 forks, SCS compression, and aluminum Odyssey bars. This scooter presents great value at an affordable price, and is designed to make big air combos effortless.


  • 4.8” x 19.5” Lightweight Park Deck

  • 24” x 22” Aluminum Odyssey Bars (Including height from SCS)

  • SCS Compression

  • Circa 2 Fork

  • 110mm Architect Wheels

  • Aztek Lite Grips

  • 6.2 Pounds / 2.8 Kilograms


Aztek Scooters is a scooter brand that produces a wide arrangement of parts and completes. With a strong focus on engineering Azteks main goal is to make the most balanced and light parts without diminishing the structural integrity.

Aztek Scooters continues to push the limits of what can be done on a scooter. continuously improving the quality and build of their parts, They work hard to create an amazing experience for any type of rider. Rider Owned, and tested streets by their experienced team of pro riders.

June 21, 2022 — Marketing Assistant