Dear System Distro Customers we are writing you this email with heavy hearts in regards to the news of shipping containers being delayed past possible Christmas delivery. Why the changing dates you may ask? Well due to: Covid delays at port, mud slides, and never before seen floods in BC that have wiped out almost all essential roads/railway needed to move the product to our warehouse.

Unfortunately the North 6.5 & 7 wide horizons, along with all 2021 North Clamps, Wheels, Completes, Forks, grips, grip tape, and headsets will not be available for Christmas. We highly encourage everybody to pre-book these products as they are in very high demand. Current ETA is December 24th.

If you are finding North holes on your shelves we do have some key North stock ready to ship!

We know this is not great news, but not to worry. We have Tons of Core product like decks and completes in stock ready to be shipped to you before Christmas.

Ready To Go Holiday Hot Sellers - In Stock Now

Above Pegs V3

North Scooters Switchblade 2022

Krom Kendama

Aztek Jake Sorenson 666 Deck




December 11, 2021 — Marketing Assistant