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About Antics Pro
After years of gained experience from North, our team is excited to announce our next project, Antics.
With Antics we wanted to do our part in promoting individuality and active living through scootering, as well as create a brand that focused on the next generation of riders. Whether it be someone getting their first scooter or a local shredder who is ready to take his riding to the next level, we plan on providing opportunities to an inclusive selection of athletes across the globe regardless of their skill level. Antics is also directly involved in the scooter community therefore we are dedicated to giving back by supporting upcoming riders, partnering with local communities to host events and doing our part to bring exposure and fun to the developing scooter community. By assembling a team of exciting athletes, we can give the next generation something to look up to and help motivate them to accomplish their goals.
Our team continues to enjoy creating within the scooter community and could not be more excited to do our part in keeping the energy of the scootering alive, motivating kids to ride and be excited to go outside, all while learning new tricks and hanging with their friends. As at the end of the day that is what scootering is all about.
Our creative team is a perfect mix of professional management and riders who know the industry better than anyone. We focus on constant improvement and working together as a whole to make nearly every decision. If you're seeing anything Antics, it's done by one of these amazing people.
Antics LITE Complete
Antics Glider Wheels
Antics Oilslick Complete
Antics Stack Grips
Watch the newest Antics YouTube video "Antics Barcelona 2021" via the link below
December 11, 2021

Jordan Tutt Signature Deck Overview


The Jordan Tutt Signature Horizon Deck is now available at (ESTIMATED ARRIVAL NOV 1ST - 31ST)

A message from North
Tutty was one of the first people we sponsored in the US and has remained a key part of our team ever since. This is Tutty’s first signature deck, and we are stoked to be the ones making it happen.
A Message From Jordan
Hola everyone I’m Jordan Tutt , born and raised in East Orange New Jersey
I’ve been riding scooters for about 10 years now and I’m hyped to be dropping my first signature deck!
The graphic on top is actually the New Jersey toll logo that caught my eye a few years back and I’ve been in love with it ever since. The bottom logo was created by no other than Ethan Howell, it started as a concept from the Don’t Be a Menace movie that came out the same year I was born, we just added a little twist to it, plus I always wanted to see myself in cartoon form. We also added magenta deck ends to top it off, I was always a fan of colored deck ends that catch the eye when you’re cruising along it just looks great in my opinion .
Shoutout North for giving me the outstanding opportunity to have a signature deck without them this whole thing wouldn’t have been possible.
I’m beyond stoked to see how you guys add your flavor to it hope you all enjoy my signature deck much love! and God bless!
Watch Jordan's signature deck video "Spin The Block" via the link below!
December 11, 2021

Sean Macfoy Signature Deck Overview

The Sean Macfoy (skippy) Signature Horizon Deck is now available at (ESTIMATED ARRIVAL NOV 1ST -31ST)

A message from North
Sean Macfoy Also known as Skippy has been on North since early days. His style is unmistakable both on and off his scooter, always leaving us excited to see what’s next to come. This is Skippy’s first signature deck, and we couldn’t be happier to be the ones putting it out.
About Sean MacFoy
My name is Sean Macfoy I’m 21 and I live in Seattle Washington. The graphic for my deck speaks about where I’m from with a few thing I enjoy as well. At the top you Got me filming on my hmc with a nice peanut butter jar helping me out, with the space needle below with some clouds surrounding it because it’s always cloudy where I live . You also got two angels supporting it with the waves flowing into D.C which is where I grew up and got most of my inspiration for my spot selection and style. Big thanks to Andrew Salfi for drawing out and designing my graphic!
Watch Skippys signature deck video "Sean Macfoy" via the link below!
December 11, 2021

System Distribution Black Friday Sale!


The System Distribution sale section is now live!
Featuring some of the industry's favourite brands, like North, Longway, and Above. Our sale section is jam packed with hot sellers that are sure to be a hit this holiday season!
All orders received by Monday November 15th will be shipped to stores in time for Black Friday
North Scooters Horizon Deck - 5.6 Wide
Longway Titanium Kronos T-Bar
North Scooters
Breakout Text Grip Tape
Longway Metro Shift GEM-Line Complete
Where To Find Our Sale Section?




December 10, 2021

ABOVE V3 Pegs Overview

About The V3 Pegs
Above V3 Pegs are a natural evolution of the proven Above design. The low-friction nylon sleeve works seamlessly with the steel core to create a strong, lightweight and efficient grinding system that prevents hanging from obstacles, the need for wax or spare metal parts.
A cheap nylon sleeve can be thrown away after it has woven out and replaced with a new one for a fraction of the price of new pegs. The pegs are slightly shorter than regular pegs, so they have the same width as the 5.5" platform in combination with the Above fork and the special peg distance that comes with.
This allows the pegs to align with the dimensions of the deck at the front axle, giving the impression of extending the platform and providing greater stability during grinding. The modular design allows the egos to adapt to the increasingly complex and diverse shapes of forks and platforms.
Above V3 Pegs Available Now!
December 10, 2021