About Antics Pro
After years of gained experience from North, our team is excited to announce our next project, Antics.
With Antics we wanted to do our part in promoting individuality and active living through scootering, as well as create a brand that focused on the next generation of riders. Whether it be someone getting their first scooter or a local shredder who is ready to take his riding to the next level, we plan on providing opportunities to an inclusive selection of athletes across the globe regardless of their skill level. Antics is also directly involved in the scooter community therefore we are dedicated to giving back by supporting upcoming riders, partnering with local communities to host events and doing our part to bring exposure and fun to the developing scooter community. By assembling a team of exciting athletes, we can give the next generation something to look up to and help motivate them to accomplish their goals.
Our team continues to enjoy creating within the scooter community and could not be more excited to do our part in keeping the energy of the scootering alive, motivating kids to ride and be excited to go outside, all while learning new tricks and hanging with their friends. As at the end of the day that is what scootering is all about.
Our creative team is a perfect mix of professional management and riders who know the industry better than anyone. We focus on constant improvement and working together as a whole to make nearly every decision. If you're seeing anything Antics, it's done by one of these amazing people.
Antics LITE Complete
Antics Glider Wheels
Antics Oilslick Complete
Antics Stack Grips
Watch the newest Antics YouTube video "Antics Barcelona 2021" via the link below
December 11, 2021 — Marketing Assistant