Why Should You Buy Signature Parts?
The NATIVE Stem Complete is the most purpose built, feature rich Beginner Street Complete Scooter that our industry has ever seen. Stem is the result of extensive and brutal testing in the streets to develop a whole new range from the ground up specifically for the younger (and often smaller) upcoming street riders that we believe are integral to the future of NATIVE and Scootering as a whole.
Native Scooters brings you high-quality scooter parts and complete scooters right from the streets of Brisbane Australia. The brand designs parts that are as durable as possible without compromising the weight and maneuverability. To make sure the products live up to the high standards of the scooter community, all Native decks, forks, and clamps are tested by pro Australian riders.
Native is renowned for its scooter parts, but they also produce complete scooters for beginners to pro-level riders. For example, the Native Stem complete scooter is one of the most feature-rich beginner-level scooters out there, making sure the aspiring riders get a lot of value for their money.
The brand has succeeded in designing parts and scooters that fit the demands of the riders and withstand some hard impacts from the streets.
March 14, 2022 — Marketing Assistant