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After many years of gained retailer and brand experience within the action sports industry, System Distribution was founded to fill a necessary gap within the North American distribution realm. System was created to allow retailers to bring products in with ease while retaining knowledge of what our core retailers want and need. 

With warehousing in both Canada and the United States, System is able to provide fast and reliable shipping, limiting the time between purchase and sale. 

We at System acknowledge the necessary marketing elements the action sports industry requires. System strives to support brands in any way possible, including rider scouting, marketing materials, giveaways and community initiatives. System consistently supports grassroots initiatives, actively putting our brand family front and center when supporting these events, including contests, ride days and community events. Supporting both the action sports community, and the brands that innovate and produce for the longevity and growth of scootering. 


How do I become an authorized dealer?

It's as simple as locating the "Dealer Application" page and filling it out. We will get back to you as soon as possible and get you all set up!

Where are you located?

Our HQ is located in Sylvan Lake AB, Canada.

Can you carry my products?

Reach out to us via email and we'll get back to you!

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