Warranty Policy

Our products are thoroughly tested and designed to stand up to the highest standards of the industry, therefore we stand behind them 100%. if you have read our policies and feel you have a valid warranty claim, please fill out the below Claims Form.
Please note: you must include proof of purchase & Photos to be eligible for warranty.
We warranty all manufacturer faults and defects.
For you to be eligible for warranty you must keep your scooter dialed always. Undialed products break do to the rattling caused by riding without the product being properly held in place.
Any intentional damage, misuse of product or incorrect installation will not be covered by our warranty.
Grip tape, Hand Grips, Bearings, And Breaks are consumable products and are not covered under warranty unless received in a non functioning or defective state.


Only north wheels are covered under their Lifetime manufacturer's warranty.
This will cover
For the life of the wheel, the wheels life span may very based off how much/ hard you ride them. we look at the condition of all aspects of the wheel to determine if its reached the end of its life. 
It does not cover
-Flat spots in wheel caused by overuse of brake or skiding
All other brands will cover major manufacturer defects for 90 days from purchase date.  


90 day manufacturer’s warranty.
This will cover
-Breaking or bending
this will not cover
-Breaking or bending of the axle
-Misuse or poor set up
-Any modifications to the fork
-Striping of Bolts 


90 day manufacturer’s warranty.
this will cover
-Bending or breaking of the bars
this will not cover
-If you modify or cut your bars
-Scratching or chipping of paint
-Misuse of your bars


30 day manufacturer’s warranty.
this will cover
-Cracking of welds
this will not cover
-If bars have less then 40mm of fork tube inside the bars
-If you modify or cut your bars
-Bending or cracking due to misuse or poor landing
Aluminum bars are very light weight and only meant for smooth riders. landing incorrectly, throwing bars from any height or dropping will damage the bars. this is not covered by the warranty.


90 day manufacturer’s warranty.
This will cover
-Snapping the deck into two or more pieces
-Cracking of deck plate
This will not cover
-Any damage caused by misuse or abuse to the deck
-Scratching or fading of paint or anodizing
-Damage to the headset cups due to bad set up or lack of maintenance
-Modifications to any part of the deck, including cutouts
-Normal Wear and Tear
-Small cracks of welds


90 day manufacturer’s warranty.
This will cover
-Snapping of clamp itself
This will not cover
-Stripping of threads in clamp itself (This won’t happen unless you are over tightening your clamp)
-Cross threading the bolts
-Stripping of the bolt heads by using rounded-off Allen keys
-Scratching of paint or anodizing


All complete warranties are done by individual parts not the complete as a whole. All parts come with the same warranties as listed above, and the damaged part will be replaced by a part of equal value (Not always the same part or brand). 
If after reading the above policies if you still feel your warranty is valid click below to file a claim. All claims whether approved or not are taken seriously and will be used as feedback to developed better-quality parts

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